Membership and Fees

Membership decision tree Notifying programmes for accreditation Becoming a member


Membership is open to all Institutions, organizations and individuals who are concerned with quality assurance in education.
Membership of the Agency can be obtained through:

(*): with study programmes in the field of economics, business, management and related fields. Please consult the Bye-laws for more information.

Voting rights

Only Members with accredited programmes, Members and Members with programmes notified for accreditation have voting rights during the AGM.
The other Members are kindly invited to the AGM, but cannot vote.

Benefits of the membership

ECBE membership means the inclusion to the network of Institutions delivering study programmes from the fields of economics, business, management and similar fields. Within this network ECBE Members exchange their experiences in the education and in their processes of building quality culture.
However, not only business schools, but also professionals in business schools must be able to adapt to the changes brought about by globalization, digitization and the changing competencies of business graduates who need them for successful integration into the labor market. Membership in the ECBE also means the possibility of improving the efficiency of business school professionals through the participation and co-creation of professional events, such as the ECBE conferences and workshops, with a long tradition.


The Members pay an annual fee for the membership; the fees are determined yearly by the Board of Directors. The Membership Fee covers the period from January 1st until December 31st. The status of the Member on January 1st shall define the fee to be paid.
For the first year, the Membership Fee will be calculated pro-rata the time, on monthly basis. If the approval of the Membership by the BoD is done after July 31st, the first invoice will also include the Membership Fee for the next year.

Fees for 2019

The BoD has decided to apply following fees for the year 2019:

Deadline for payment of the membership fee for 2019 is April 22nd, 2019

Fees for 2020

The BoD has decided to apply following fees for the year 2020:

Deadline for payment of the membership fee for 2020 is April 15th, 2020