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ECBE is an international not-for-profit organisation registered in Brussels.
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ECBE, the European Council for Business Education, is an international not-for-profit educational organisation, registered in Brussels as an AISBL – Association Internationale Sans But Lucrative. It is committed to supporting academic and professional learning institutions in business and related fields. It provides advice and consulting services to encourage and support institutions to commit themselves to continuous improvement by engaging in its accreditation processes. It also creates valuable networking opportunities for schools interested in internationalising their curriculum and contacts. These services help to enhance the learning environment and career opportunities for students of business.

ECBE's mission is to support higher and further education institutions and professional training organisations to develop outstanding, innovative programmes which will help students to develop the skills, knowledge and experience to succeed in today's dynamic global economy. All types of academic and professional programmes are supported within the framework of a commitment to life long learning.

Through its accreditation processes, ECBE helps to ensure that accredited members satisfy the requirements of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) as set out in the Bologna Process and other EU directives.

ECBE operates globally. Although we are European based, our interest in promoting and supporting the European methodology of education and embracing the ideals and values embodied in “Bologna” extends to business education providers all over the world. Our policy is to assist any institution committed to quality assurance and improvement in their quest to offer students the best educational experience possible.

We hope you will consider joining us in this adventure. Please click on the relevant pages of this website to learn more about our work.

Save the date. Call for papers


22nd Annual ECBE Conference:


26- 27 May 2017


Moscow, Russian Federation





Educating the Educators: How do we evaluate educational institutions today?




International University in Moscow (IUM)



There are two main methods by which educational institutions are evaluated:


1.     Accreditations – institutional and program related; national and global

2.     Global rankings – for Business Schools, from the FT, Economist, Bloomberg etc.


But, accreditations and commercial rankings are just some of the criteria used to "rank" a Business School. Students and their parents care about other things when choosing Programs and Schools : how professors are evaluated, research facilities, campus social life, job opportunities beyond graduation, progression on to higher degrees etc. 


We are also keen to receive papers on the selection criteria for professors: their background, academic experience, knowledge of contemporary business theory and practice, skill sets (especially communication and presentation skills). Who, when and how are these criteria evaluated?


The Conference will be preceded by a practical seminar on contemporary accreditation processes in the business arena on Thursday 25 May.


If you wish to present a paper on a related topic at the Moscow ECBE Conference, based on research and analysis in your institution and/or conducted by governmental and transnational institutes and market research organisations,  please send them  to or contact Jacques Bouché , Executive Director at


Further updated  information can also be found on this website under: Knowledge/ECBE Conferences



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