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ECBE, the European Council for Business Education, is an international nonprofit accreditation agency, registered in Brussels as an IVZW – a "Internationale Vereniging Zonder Winstoogmerk". It is committed to supporting academic and professional learning institutions in economics, business and related fields. It encourages and supports institutions to commit themselves to continuous improvement. These services help to enhance the learning environment and career opportunities for students of business.

ECBE’s mission is to be a global agency with a European approach to accreditation and knowledge exchange, supporting high-quality programmes in business, management, economics and related fields within higher education.

ECBE operates globally, although it is European based. ECBE's vision is to create a community of member institutions that deliver competitive and innovative programs enabling students to develop
the skills, knowledge and competence to succeed in tomorrow‘s dynamic and evolving global economy.

ECBE is an affiliate member of ENQA. 

We hope you will consider joining us in this adventure. Please click on the relevant pages of this website to learn more about our work.