Used abbreviations

 In this site, but also in all official publications, ECBE uses following abbreviations:

AGM Annual General Meeting
BoD Board of Directors
BoC Board of Commissioners
CoA Committee of Appeal
CoC Chairperson of the Commissioners
CoRT Chairperson of the Review Team
DoA Director of Accreditation
DoFA Director of Finance and Administration
EHEA European Higher Education Area
ESG Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area
Exec Executive Committee
GDPR General Data Protection Regulation
GM General Meeting
ivzw Internationale Vereniging zonder Winstoogmerk (Belgian Law: International Not Profit Organization)
PoA President of the Agency, often also called "President"
PoR Pool of the Reviewers
RT Review Team
RV Review Visit
RVR Review Visit Report
SR Senior Reviewer
SER Self Evaluation Report